Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System

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I know what you’re thinking, and no that hair company did not come out with a thyroid supplement. Instead, this is a formulation created by Dr. Josh Axe, a wellness physician and radio show host who holds a doctorate in chiropracty. Dr. Axe releases supplements individually as well as through different sub-brands such as Ancient Nutrition, Dr. Collagen, and ProBiome Rx.

WHAT IS Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System?

Dr. Axe believes that that gut is what is causing thyroid problems. Although he doesn’t really say why he believes so on his website, he does quote Greek physician Hippocrates who once said: “All disease begins in the gut.” When I read this, two things came into my mind. Firstly, why not quote a modern, medical doctor rather than someone who lived over 2000 years ago? And secondly, what about genetic diseases or something like Pneumonia or Influenza? Even though I was confused, I kept reading. Dr. Axe then used a term called “leaky gut syndrome” to describe the problems people are having with their gut. Since I was already a bit skeptical, I decided to google this phrase. What I found out was that “leaky gut syndrome” is a hypothetical, medically unrecognized condition. In fact the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research calls it a myth and England’s National Health Service says there is “little scientific evidence” to support this proposed condition

Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System EFFECTS AND BENEFITS

Even though I believe this product is off to a horrible start after learning about its background, I decided to look at what’s actually inside the capsules. The only ingredients I recognized were selenium, kelp, and ashwagandha extract. The rest seem to be probiotics aimed at fighting the “mythical” gut problem. I cannot speak about the effectiveness of the probiotics since I don’t really know much about them. I do know that the thyroid ingredients are certainly useful. Selenium is one of the enzymes that help convert T4 to T3. The proprietary blend consisting of kelp and ashwagandha extract can contain iodine, theoretically (since it is not listed in the vitamins/minerals area) and may support reducing stress. But these three ingredients hardly make a supplement on their own. Maybe the probiotics are useful specifically for the thyroid but a quick google search seems to suggest otherwise.

  • Contains Selenium, Kelp, and Ashwagandha extract

  • No other vitamins, minerals, amino acids
  • May be ineffective
  • Dr. Axe seems trustworthy
  • Expensive
  • Misguided Marketing

Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System REVIEW AND EXPERIENCES

This isn’t the first time Dr. Axe seems to be confused. After his appearance on the Dr OZ Show in late 2014, a lot of organizations attacked him for the unbiased claims he was spreading. As stated in this article, “most every thing Josh Axe said on the show was utter nonsense.” His thyroid support supplement seems to be much the same. I cannot speak on its probiotic ingredients or whether it can actually support the gut and thyroid. However, due to the very few thyroid ingredients in this supplement, it makes me question whether it can be a truly effective thyroid support supplement. In my opinion, without l-tyrosine and other essential vitamins and minerals, it cannot.

Dr. Axes Thyroid Support System


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